Sit Down Sessions

Fri 18th Jun
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The final batch of socially distanced nights out, Join us as we count down the weekends to the dance floor.

The sit-down sessions play host to London’s finest vinyl selectors and tastemakers.


21/05 – Charlie Tango
22/05 – Mr Chex
28/05 – Gentleman J.
29/05 – Cosmic Bob
04/06 – Oliver Sudden
05/06 – Broky B.
11/06 – Knickerbocker Corey
12/06 – Higgs & Parker
18/06 – Christos
19/06 – DJ S.R.

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Opening Times

Monday - Friday
4pm - 10pm
Saturday - Sunday
12pm - 10pm


126 York Way, London N1 OAX