HOT VOX Presents: Ugly Mothers // MINƎRVA // Easy On // The Red Queens // Ali MacQueen

Fri 4th Nov
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
HOT VOX Presents:  Ugly Mothers // MINƎRVA // Easy On // The Red Queens // Ali MacQueen

Minutes from Kings Cross Station, Star of Kings, with its 3 floors of entertainment, is the perfect place to watch or discover your favourite new bands.

Join Hot Vox in the basement for a night of killer sound, music and drinks!

Ugly Mothers garage-rock band Ugly Mothers have garnered an unpredictable and powerful live reputation and have been busy in their East-London studio preparing their follow-up for the debut Garden of Eden EP.

Priding themselves on the unconventional, the counter-culture group take inspiration from Spaghetti Western film-soundtracks Ugly Mothers inject blockbuster Hollywood guitar riffs with a  snarl.

Thematically Ugly Mothers write songs referring to a wide variety of obscure topics including wealthy white men captured in South America,  lively brothels in occupied Paris, the sex-tourism industry in the Far-East and the mental health of army veterans suffering from PTSD.

MINƎRVAƎRVA is a rock band based in London. Mixing their strong lyrical and melodical style with their gritty rock instrumentation, MINƎRVA creates a thoughtful yet energetic sound. Members M, Raph, Aleks, and Paf, strive to find the perfect mixture of hooks and heavy riffs.

Coming from Mexico, Norway, Switzerland and England, they met in London where they are all studying music. After they started their band, they brought in M’s mentor Daniel Curcio (Drop Dead Playboys, Palaye Royale and Beware Of Darkness) who is now their producer.

Their debut EP Bloodshot Eyes has been reviewed by the likes of RGM and Indie Buddie, featured on ditto’s indie hit list and has been played on Get In Her Ears.

Easy On

The Red Queens rock/pop with classic harmonies and a side order of rocking guitar. Inspirations: Beatles, Blondie, Bowie; Killer; Smiths, Strokes, Suede. Back after a break with a lot of new material and some old classics.

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Ali MacQueen MacQUEEN is a resilient singer/songwriter and  – two brain surgeries (and a broken arm) make you that way. He writes anthemic and powerful songs about wanting more – more from your life and more from what you’re being told to accept. Signed to Blagger’s Records, he released “Loretto” in March 2021 – a perfect festival anthem that was described by This Feeling as “perfect widescreen cinematic alt-rock”.

He’s currently writing more material, and will be releasing a new song in September, co-written and producer, Happy Cat Jay, as well as playing more gigs in the build up to the next track and a new album later in the year

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