The Arnie £12.50
Aged beef patty, plum smoked brisket, bacon, cheddar, caramelised red onion, habanero bbq sauce, chipotle crema, rocket.
The Yeah! £8.00
Aged beef patty, american cheese, gherkins, yeah sauce, salad.
The O.G 2.0 £9.50
Aged beef patty, bacon, cheddar, avocado, cholo sauce, salad.
The Mozza (V) £8.00
Tortilla crusted spiced root veg, chickpea, green lentil and quinoa patty. Cheddar, guacamole, salsa, lime crema, salad.
The Y.F.C £8.00
Free range fried chicken thigh or smoked tofu. Beet slaw, Yeah sauce, lettuce.
The Caguama £9.00
Tequila, orange & lime marinated grilled chicken breast, cheddar, lime crema, salad.
Scotch Ness Monster £12.00
Aged beef patty, cheddar, pickled red onion, smoked Yeah! sauce, scotch egg ‘bun’.
The Chapado £10.50
Brazilian spiced aged beef patty, bacon, rum glazed pineapple ring, cheddar, habanero BBQ sauce, rocket.
The Cheese £7.50
Aged beef patty, American cheese, gherkin, ketchup, mustard.
The Philly £8.00
Beef frank or veggie sausage, caramelised onions, cheddar, ketchup, mustard
The Perros Locos £8.00
Plum smoked brisket or veggie sausage, roast & pickled jalapenos slaw.
The Kevin £8.00
Beef frank, bacon, gherkins, Yeah sauce.
Nachos (V) £7.00
Hand cut corn chips, salsa, lime crema, pico de gallo. Add grilled tequila chicken for £3 or Add guacamole for £2
Eat your greens (V) £7.00
Grilled baby gem, quinoa, avocado, kim chi, chopped salsa, lemon dressing. Add grilled tequila chicken for £3.
French (V) £3.00
Our classic seasoned fries. Make any fries sweet potato fries for £1 extra!
Cheesy (V) £3.50
With melted cheddar
Habanero (V) £3.50
with Habanero BBQ sauce.
Shuffle (V) £4.50
With truffle oil, mushroom salt and smoked Yeah sauce.
Hombre (V) £4.00
With cheddar and chipotle crema
The Chupacabra £4.50
Rich dark chocolate and avocado mousse.

The All Out (£133 of free drinks) £859.00
48 x bottles of brooklyn craft lager 4 x bottles of champagne 6 x bottles of organic merlot 6 x bottles of original sauvingnon blanc 1 x bottle of belvedere 1 x bottle of havana 7 rum 1 x bottle of hendricks gin Mixers
The Balls to the Wall (£93 of free drinks) £549.00
48 x cans of hobo craft lager 4 x bottles of prosecco 1 x bottle of russian standard vodka 1 x bottle of haymans gin 1 x bottle of cockspur rum Mixer
The 6 P’s (£45 worth of free drinks) £329.00
24 x cans of hobo craft lager 3 x bottles of prosecco 6 x bottles of house white wine 6 x bottles of house red wine
The Reception (£27 worth of free drinks) £164.00
3 x bottle of prosecco 3 x bottles of house white wine 3 x bottles of house red
The Warm Welcome (£15 worth of free drinks) £129.00
12 x cans of hobo craft lager 3 x bottles of house white wine 3 x bottles of red wine

Bacchus Sundays will be joining us each and every Sunday from 25th September to serve their award winning traditional roasts.

Scotch Egg £6.50
Burford Brown scotch egg, mustard mayo
Baked Camembert £6.50
In white wine and rosemary
The whole dam farm £20.00
Signature Sunday roast, Sirloin of Angus beef,pressed lamb, slow cooked pork, crackling all the trimmings
Team beef £16.50
9 hour roasted & seared sirloin angus beef
Team lamb £16.00
Slow cooked pressed lamb shoulder
Team pork £15.00
Slow cooked pork belly with crackling
Team chicken £15.00
Corn fed chicken supreme
Team veg £15.00
Vegetarian seed roast, red onion gravy, oil roasted potatoes, trimming and Yorkshire pudding
Cheesy creamed leeks £3.50
Buttered kale £3.50
Sticky toffee pudding £6.00
Lemon meringue cheesecake £6.00
Host your own roast
Select the joint, carve at the table and unlimited supply of trimmings.
£16.50 (£17.50 private room) per person. 9 hour roasted sirloin of beef/Whole corn-fed chicken/Rolled pork belly/Leg of Lamb/Nut and seed roast (v) (Can be ordered individually)(Starters and dessert are an extra £6).
Starters:Quinoa, feta and winter vegetable salad, ham hock terrine, picalilli and toast
Dessert: Apply crumble and custard

Want to be a mystery diner?

At the Star we’re constantly striving to improve our menu, service and food so that you, our beloved regulars, get an ever improved experience.

Each month we’re giving away two meals for two lucky Star regulars. All we ask in return is you give us your full, honest and constructive feedback and criticism on everything we do from food to service, design, ambience etc.

Apply now!

The Scotch Egg burger


“Just when you thought you’d seen every variety of burger that the human brain was capable of conjuring up, along comes a scotch egg burger and BOOM, that’s the sound of your mind blowing once again.” Timeout

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