All available vegetarian, ask for vegan options.
The Cheese
Aged beef patty, gherkins, american cheese, ketchup, mustard 8
The Yeah
Aged beef patty, American cheese, gherkins, Yeah! Sauce, salad 8.5
The Y.F.C. 8.5
Buttermilk-fried chicken, beetroot slaw, lettuce & yeah sauce
The Don’t Go Bacon My Heart 10
Aged beef patty, cheddar, smoked streaky bacon, maple bacon aioli, crushed pecan nuts,
The Pollo 9
Chipotle & honey butter chicken with cheddar, coriander & salad
The O.G Kush 10
Aged beef patty, bacon, avocado, cheddar, grilled jalepenos, jalepeno and lime crema
Hot Dogs
The Fire Island 8.5
Giant beef frank, crispy fried onions, ketchup, mustard
The Toto 9
Cheese-stuffed pork frank with double cheese sauce and pickled onions
The Cadejo 10
Beef frank with guac, chipotle and slaw
Skinny (vg) classic fries 3
Chollo (v) with roast jalepeno mayo 3.5
Shuffle (v) with truffle oil, mushroom salt and smoked Yeah sauce 5
Hombre (v) with cheddar and chipotle sauce 4.5
Ottowa (v) with maple bacon and pecan 4.5
Nachos 9
Guac & corn chips 6
Salted caramel 4
Paenutbutter and choc chip cheesecake 4

Available Monday to Friday 12-3pm


The Yeah
Aged beef patty, American cheese, gherkins, Yeah! Sauce, salad 8
The Morrissey 8
Spiced root veg, chickpea, lentil and quinoa patty, cheddar (v) or avocado (vg), roast squash puree, confit tomato in crunchy sourdough roll
The Ellen 8
Grilled Halloumi, Lettuce, roast tomato, basil mayo, brioche
The Samurai 8.5
Panko breadcrumb free range chicken or tofu, katsu curry sauce, soy glazed broccoli
The O.G 2.0 9.5
Aged beef patty, bacon, avocado, cheddar, cholo sauce, salad
The Fresh Prince 9
Grilled hanger steak, cheddar, diced red pepper, onion and jalepenos in a crunchy sourdough baguette
All Burgers come with fries or salad at lunchtime
Pimp your fries for £1
Cheesy 1
Shuffle 1
Hombre 1
Sweet Potato 1
Super pimp your fries with these options for £2
Curry fries 2

Lessons learned from outdoor fireside cooking; brought inside to enrich the traditional sunday roast experience


Bloody Mary 8.2
Start your Sunday right – a spicy Horseradish Bloody Mary


Beer Can Chicken 16.5
Beer steaming inside the cavity ensures the bird stays tender while the outside crisps up nicely
Slow-Cooked Beef Brisket 16.5
As slow as you like, this 4 ½ hour slow-cooked brisket will melt in your mouth
Slow-Cooked Pork 15.5
Slow cooked to ensure maximum succulence
Highland Veg Roast 14.5
Red lentils, bulgur wheat and shredded mushrooms come together, lathered in garlic and onion veggie gravy
All our Roasts are served in a classic English style, with roasties, veg and cauliflower cheese to warm your stomach
to the core, topped with an uncompromisingly slow-cooked gravy that ties it all together.
The All Out (Get £133 of free drinks)

48 x Cans Camden Hells

4 x Bottles of Champagne

6 x Bottles Merlot

6 x Bottles Pinot Grigio

1 x Bottle of Belvedere

1 x Bottle of Havana 7 Rum

1 x Bottle Hendricks Gin


£889 for £1016 worth of drinks


The Madmen (Get £111 of free drinks)

50 x Cocktails

Choose two of our house cocktails

£299 for £410 worth of drinks _____________________________________________


The Reception (Get £61 of free drinks)

12 x bottles of Prosecco

£299 for £360 worth of drinks


The Warm Welcome (Get £31 of free drinks)

12 x cans of Camden Hells

3 x bottles house white wine

3 x bottles red wine

£139 for £170 worth of drinks


The Crafty Selection (Get £16 of free drinks

24 Mixed Cans of Craft Ale

4 Beavertown Gamma Ray

4 Beavertown Holy Cowbell

4 Lervig Lucky Jack

4 Lervig Grapefruit Lucky Jack

4 Camden Pale Ale

4 Tiny Rebel Cwtch

£99 for £115 worth of drinks

Party bookings

For more information about the menu for parties, please email [email protected]

Kitchen Residency

Yeah Burger offer a wide range of inventive and inimitable sandwiches, each made with only the finest ingredients and most vibrant produce. Our palette is a celebration of our multicultural surroundings with influences from California, South America, The Caribbean, South East Asia and beyond.

img_0128With a wide array of options for the most carnivorous of us, as well as an extensive and well considered selection of our vegetarian, vegan and gluten free friends, there’s every reason to come and enjoy our ethical and sustainable sunshine food.

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