Want to be a mystery diner?

At the Star we're constantly striving to improve our menu, service and food so that you, our beloved regulars, get an ever improved experience.

Each month we're giving away two meals for two lucky Star regulars. All we ask in return is you give us your full, honest and constructive feedback and criticism on everything we do from food to service, design, ambience etc.

The Scotch Egg burger

The Scotch Egg burger


"Just when you thought you'd seen every variety of burger that the human brain was capable of conjuring up, along comes a scotch egg burger and BOOM, that's the sound of your mind blowing once again." Timeout

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Locals Card

Visiting with either of our pubs - The Star Of Kings or The Star or The Star Of Bethnal Green - entitles you to become a local. Ask at the bar for a form and our excellent bar staff will sign you up instantly providing you with your very own local card bestowing upon you:

  • Exclusive offers throughout the year
  • Cash back vouchers on money spent at either pub
  • Birthday and Christmas gifts (and not just a drunken rendition of Happy Birthday)