Sunday roast with Safari Food and Co

Lessons learned from outdoor fireside cooking; brought inside to enrich the traditional Sunday roast experience.
The focus is on slow roasting and adding beautiful natural flavourings so insure the most mouth-watering results possible.

The Beef Brisket cooked for 5 1/2 hours to ensure it melts in the mouth.
The beer can chicken method involves using a beer can filled with beer and other flavourings such as garlic and rosemary. The can is used to stand the chicken upright with the top inside. This means that as the outside of the bird is roasted as normal, the inside is tenderised with this flavourful steam. The result is a moist and tasty roast chicken, the best you have ever tried.
As we all know gravy is the heart of the Sunday roast and Safari take 2 days to make theirs.

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All our Roasts are served in a classic English style, with roasties, veg and cauliflower cheese to warm your stomach to the core, topped with an uncompromisingly slow-cooked gravy that ties it all together.

Bloody Mary – £8.2
Start your Sunday right – a spicy Horseradish Bloody Mary

Beer Can Chicken – £16.9
Beer steaming inside the cavity ensures the bird stays tender while the outside crisps up nicely
Slow-Cooked Beef Brisket – £16.5
As slow as you like, this 4 ½ hour slow-cooked brisket will melt in your mouth
Slow-Cooked Pork – £15.5
Slow cooked to ensure maximum succulence
Highland Veg Roast – £14.5 (V)
Red lentils, Bulgar wheat and shredded mushrooms, lathered in garlic and onion veggie gravy. Vegan available on request.

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Every Sunday from 12pm to 6pm