June 21st 8PM

Georgie Morrell "The Morrell Highground"

Georgie's got 99 problems but disability is basically the main one.

Following the 2016 success of A Poke in The Eye at Edinburgh Festival and Soho theatre, half-blind comedian Georgie Morrell will be revisiting her debut show at the Laughing Horse and presenting her new show The Morrell High Ground at Underbelly, Med Quad.

Asking the essential questions: can disability finally bring sexy back? Is the benefit system as doomed as Ken Loach depicts? Are NHS doctors hotter than private ones?
In The Morrell High Ground Georgie takes the audience through her journey, tackling the political and social implications of what it really is to be disabled today.

Pernilla Holland "Panilla Ice Ice Baby";

Pernilla is a Norwegian on a journey through her past. Join her as she reflects on being a foreigner, running away and not owning a cow… and most importantly how she has learnt to stop, collaborate and listen”