Tuesday 31st July - 7pm

This brand new collaborative piece of dynamic theatre explores American assassins in history and why they aimed the pistol at a famous person from the past. Why did John Wilkes Booth leave his humble life as an actor to shoot the greatest President in American history? Why did one of Lennon’s fans literally shoot him in the back? And what caused two completely different women to shoot the same guy in the same city only weeks apart? In America, the land of the free and home of the brave, what makes an assassin take their place in the history books?
This production is the premiere of Infamous, which is written by all members of our talented cast.

Editor’s Notes
Director/Producer: Georgi Bessey
Cast: Georgi Bessey, Tom Hogan, Colleen Hedley, Aram Mardourian and Kingsley Robinson
For further details and review tickets or images, please contact: Georgi Bessey (Radical Blonde Productions), telephone 07747099850 and email [email protected]

General Admission £8