The Persisters present
Holding the Line
A celebration of feminism through poetry and the live arts


The Persisters is a newly established network of feminist poets and artists. We are intersectional and inclusive. We are concerned about the turning tide in the rights of women and all minorities.

We are harnessing our collective skills as poets, artists and wordsmiths to create community and combat the erosion of hard-won freedoms fought for and earned over many decades.

We want to celebrate, enjoy and secure those gains, and to support the struggle to extend those rights to all women. We believe in art as dialogue, celebration and resistance. We also believe in getting together for a party.

‘Holding the Line’ will be a day of artistic activism and excellence, fund-raising and spirit-raising. During the day, well-known poets will perform alongside newer poets in a series of sponsored poetry readings about women, their lives and their rights.


Jill Abram
Daisy Behagg
Alex Bell
Dzifa Benson
Sophia Blackwell
Graham Buchan
Alan Buckley
John Canfield
Alexandra Citron
Claire Collison
Isobel Dixon
Jen Emery
Susan Evans
Sara Nesbitt Gibbons
Trudy Howson
Fran Isherwood
Emma Joliffe
Math Jones
Seraphima Kennedy
Anny Knight
Caroline Maldonado
Nancy Mattson
Ian McLachlan
RE Miranda
Jude Cowan Montague
Jocelyn Page
Kate Potts
Andrea Robinson
Anna Robinson
Selina Rodrigues
Chiara Salomoni
Jacqueline Saphra
Pauline Seawards
Rosie Shepperd
Beth Somerford
Amy Neilson Smith
Joolz Sparkes
Ruth Steadman
Ruth Valentine
Debra Watson
Ruth Wiggins
Alison Winch
Wendy Young